3x5 Plate
                                                   3×5 Plate

Last year I did an article for a stamping magazine creating my own palette to stamp with watercolor markers.  The surface was hard, and while it was good, the Gel Press ™ makes it GREAT!!!  The flexible surface has give and so many more details show up easily.


Gel Press ™ 3×5 Mono Printing Plate

Watercolor Markers



A “Mister” bottle with water

Other prints

Scissors and glue


  1.  On your plate, use various watercolor markers and scribble on the surface.  A big tip or brush marker works wonderfully!  Take the fine mister bottle and mist JUST ABOVE THE PLATE.  This will wet the plate a bit but not saturated with water.


Watercolor palette
Add Color To The Plate


Solid Stamp
Graphic stamps work the best.


2.  Press stamp directly onto the plate where the watercolors have been colored and misted.  As mentioned, a solid stamp gives the best watercolor impression but a deeply etched stamp can work for a multi-color outline.


Beautiful watercolor images
The stamped images.


3.  Stamp image on paper and beautiful watercolor images with many colors are the result!  The bird is created with a finely etched stamp.  This will be finished with chalk pastels.  There is still color on the plate so  I pressed a ghost print.


Planning Collage Elements

                                                                  Planning Collage Elements


4.  Use ghost print as the background, and cut out the watercolor print you designed.  Die cut other prints to compliment the design.


Ghost print and collage elements PNG


5.  Glue pieces onto ghost print and adhere a metallic element for center of the flower.


I can spend all day creating watercolor prints!  By testing the surface and experimenting, this led me to another use for my Gel Press ™!  Use a corner of a plate to test.  I tested on a large plate just in case it didn’t work.


Please try this technique and post on the Facebook Group,  Gel Press ™ Junkies!!

There are so many different variations you can do on this project.  Hope you enjoyed this and the other projects on this blog.  Visit us at Gel Press Junkies on FB and “LIKE” our Gel Press products and services page.  Follow us on Twitter & Pinterest.


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