Hi everyone, today I am using 2 different size Gel Press™ Plates to print a design on the front of a T-shirt. This would make a great summer project for the kids to do and it’s a lot of fun for adults too!


supplies for the project:

12×14: Gel Press plate

4″ Round Gel Press plate



fabric paint


The first step is to tape your shirt over a piece of cardboard so that the paint cannot seep through. Pick a close-knit shirt with a smooth surface for the best results, wash before printing and do not use softener.

Taped shirt to cardboard

Next I am going to add some fabric paint to my 12 x 14″ Gel Press plate.

( You can see that my plate still has left-over paint from a previous print, which is OK and it won’t affect what I am doing…although I do prefer a clean plate to start on, it’s not awful if you don’t clean it in between printing. )

DecoArt So Soft Paint

Use your brayer or tool of choice to smooth out the paint.

brayer out paint

Since this is a large plate I took my shirt and flipped it over and positioned it on top of the plate and pressed my shirt into the Gel Press™ Plate!


And this is the print that I got from my plate, pretty cool, huh?


I’m using the 4″ round Gel Press plate to simulate Earth so I added some green and blue paint to it and just gently blended the paint with my brayer.


You might notice that I left the bottom protective layer of plastic on the plate, that’s because I am going to use that sheet of plastic to lift my plate up and flip it over like a stamp and press it down onto my shirt. It’s easier to position your image this way exactly where you want it.

place plate on top of shirt

Here is the print of “Earth”.


The last step is embellishing the T-shirt with some butterflies, but you will need to wait until this layer is completely dry because fabric paint is slow to dry. I waited 24 hours before the stencil was added. . Once dry, it is extremely soft and flexible to the touch and you do not have to heat set it.


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  1. I really really love the Tshirt!! I am definitely going to try this with my deco art fabric paints and a few tshirts!! I am so excited!! i do have my 5×7 plate.. hmmm.. 🙂

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