Hi everyone! It’s Elena here and today  I want to share some ideas for creating interesting background using 5″ x 7″ Gel Press® Plate.

5x7 GelPress TM Plate

5″ x 7″ Gel Press®


5″ x 7″ Gel Press® Plate

Acrylic Paint

White Gesso



Embellishments as you like


Cover your tag with Gesso using a Gel Press® Plate. I use a lot of white gesso to create an interesting texture.

Holiday tag with Gel Press® Step 1
A lot of white gesso have been added and brayered
Holiday tag with Gel Press® Step 1
The result – very interesting texture

If you want to create a winter holiday tag, you can add a metallic paint and glitter.

Holiday tag with Gel Press® Step 2
Metallic paint had been bayered. After that I added a liquid paint with glitter.

You can use your plate to paint a background, a chipboard pieces and any other embellishments. I decided to create a back side of tag with paper, so I use my plate to paint it.

Holiday tag with Gel Press® Step 3
First I moved my tag down the plate, after that – a piece of paper and finally – two chipboard pieces. One layer of paint – three things had been painted!

Put a stencil on the plate, add the metallic paint and brayer it!

Holiday tag with Gel Press® Step 4
Metallic paint after brayer

Pull a print on your tag, chipboard and a paper for the back side.

Holiday tag with Gel Press® Step 4
Tag and embellishments after printing

Now you can add some embellishments as you like.


Some close-ups:



Make sure and check out the Gel Press Junkies Facebook Page and Gel Press on Pinterest for more inspiration.



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