Fun Keepsake book with Gel Press™ by Sandee Setliff

I admit it, I am addicted to making Gel Press™ prints! I just love the act of playing with paints and seeing the instant results you get from mono-printing. It’s so much fun making keepsake books, and having a lot of 8×10″ prints on hand to make your books with create the perfect combination.


Materials needed:

Gel Press™ prints


embellishments to adorn the front cover

lots of family pictures

The first thing to do is to gather enough Gel Press™ prints together and cut them down to 5 x 5″ and with the remaining scraps cut out your hinges to 1 x 5″ and set aside. You can get 2 sheets and a hinge that matches from one 8½ x 10″ print.

pages and hinges

Cut out ( from your favorite print ) the front and back covers also 5 x 5″ and an extra piece from the scraps to cover the spine 5″ x approximately 3″, leave the width of the spine a little on the bigger side because the width will be determined by how thick you make your book. You can adjust this once your book has been put together.

Set this aside too.

front and back covers and spine cover

Next, I took my hinge strips and scored down the middle of each one and folded them print side in.

score hinges

Now to begin building the book. Take your front cover piece and lay it print side down. Glue one side of the hinge onto the right side. Take a sheet of the book pages and glue directly on top of the front cover. I like my sheets that face each other and the hinge to all match but that is up to you, how you decide to put everything together is part of the creative process.

creating book

Then fold the hinge back in and take the other coordinating paper and glue it onto the top of that hinge. And your first 2 pages will look like this.


Every signature follows the same pattern. Close the first 2 pages up, add the next hinge on top and repeat layering the papers.

adding pages

Once you have completed adding as many pages as you want it’s time to fold the spine cover over the  left side to finish the book.

spine cover

Now you have a completed book ready to fill up with family pictures. I have created a video that you can watch if this seems a little confusing. It really is easy once you get the assembly down and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can put one together.  The book in the video was made into an art journal to use for my watercolors in recording all my native flowers in my garden. So you can see that these little books made from your Gel Press™ prints are as versatile as the mono-printing process is!


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sandee setliff DT photo

Sandee Setliff 

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  1. So pretty what an awesome use for your wonderful prints. Will be making one of these for sure.. Thanks for the fabulously detailed instructions and taking the time to make the video, that was so informative and great to watch.

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