Hi everyone!

We all have birthdays, right?

And we love sending cards to our friends so why not make the envelopes special as well?

With your 5×7 Gel Press® plate it is super easy and fun to do, and what is better than easy and fun! Right?

envelope art = love
envelope art = Gel Press® love


5×7″ Gel Press® plate

awesome size plate for making envelope art
awesome size plate for making envelope art

Distress Paints

PITT pens

stamps and ink

The first step is designing the front of the card. Making sure that everything is set up exactly where you want it to go, thinking first about masking out an area for the address area and figuring out ways to work the stamps to make it cute. So #1 is laying the stamps face down on the front of the envelope #2 is then picking up the stamps using the acrylic block ( this way removes all the guess work of where your stamps will end up ) #3 Laying your gel plate over the top of the envelope ( it’s the perfect size for this project, gotta love that!) #4 setting your mask on the Gel Plate and then double checking the placement of everything.

very important step
very important step

Now the fun begins! Add very little distress paint to the plate, (if you add too much the paint will not move and separate for you), and remember to leave the mask in place, the gel plate will securely hold it for you as you brayer on the colors. If, while brayering the paint it does not begin separating, then there is too much paint, just remove some of the excess paint until you see the paint separate.

leave mask in place
leave mask in place on top of Gel Press® plate

Once the plate is covered in paint, peel off the mask revealing the address area for the envelope.

remove mask
remove mask from your Gel Press® plate

After the mask is removed: this is the base layer from which your print will be pulled from.

base layer
base layer

 Press down the front of the envelope to the gel plate and lift up. ( Make sure the envelope is right side up! )

This is always the fun part, seeing that first print!

creating your background
creating your background on your Gel Press® plate

Now you have your areas marked out, and your stamps are already set up from steps #1 and #2, simply ink them up and press down over the print..

add stamps
add stamps

All that’s left to do is color in the stamped images, address your envelope and it’s on its way to brighten your friends’ day, including the postman who gets to enjoy your lovely art too!

embellishing your Gel Press® print

You can watch the video for the making of the card (that coordinates with the envelope) HERE using the exact same principles as explained above.

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  1. I saw the “art therapy” label on your roller too and thought “Yep, Sandee would even decorate her tools!” I just love the colors and textures.

  2. I love your mailart.. who knew the distress paints would have good use the gelli plate. Thanks for giving me ability to use what i have!!

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