Butterfly cards close up
Gel Pressed, die cut butterflies used to create a dimensional card


A fantastic way to draw the eye to something is to have lots of white space around it. With these cards, I draw the eye toward the very brightly coloured butterflies that I have cut from some mono-printed cardstock. This is a great project for using up prints you’ve made that may not have worked out the way you wanted – as long as the colors are bright it doesn’t really matter what pattern they have on them.


Butterfly cards
Bright pops of color on large white space




Gel Press ® gel printing plate 5 x 7

Acrylic paint

Embossing powders


Die of Butterflies

Stencils (various)

Cardstock to print on and to create card


Step 1

Gather your supplies.

step 1
Supplies needed to make Gel Press® butterfly cards


Step 2

Add paint to Gel Press ®  and create at least 3-4 monoprints with a good mixture of the light and medium blue colors. Allow to dry.

step 2
Adding paint to Gel Press® plate

Step 3

Use a stencil over the darkest color and pull a print onto scrap paper. Lift the stencil and pull the print over the monoprints created in step 2. Working quickly, sprinkle with embossing powder and use a heat gun to melt. Do this to two monoprints.

step 3
Using stencils on a paint-loaded Gel Press® plate

Step 4

The results will be patchy and imperfect, but that’s OK. You should have a couple of sheets with embossing powder for die cutting, and a sheet or two without embossing for matting layers on the cards.

step 4
Gel Press® monoprints with some embossing powder in a contrasting colour

Step 5

Die cut butterflies from each of the embossed sheets.

step 5
A swarm of butterflies die cut from Gel Press® monoprints

Step 6

Adhere the butterflies to a square of white cardstock, using a piece of the negative as a template to ensure even placement. Fold the butterfly wings upward so that they don’t sit flat.

step 6
Bend butterfly wings upwards to add dimension. These will be adhered to the white square using the die cut template.

Step 7

Layer this over some of the monoprints without embossing and adhere to the card fronts. Stamp a sentiment and add to the card under the butterflies.

step 7
Completed cards – row upon row of monoprinted butterflies.



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