Hi Gel Press™ Junkies! I recently purchased a bird stamp set designed by artist Natalie Kalbach that includes a large foam stamp with a bird design on one side and flat on the other, plus a rubber stamp (same size) with a different bird design on it.  I used this set to play with the idea of flipping the images and creating mirror images using the Gel Press™.  In doing so, I created four small canvases, each representing a season.

Bird for every season
A Bird For Every Season



8″ x 10″ Gel Press


DecoArt Acrylic Paints

Natalie Kalbach Bird Foam Stamp Set

Masks and Stencils

Mixed Media Paper

Deli Paper

4 – 8″ Square Canvases


Spring Bird Print

Place a few drops of yellow, orange and red DecoArt acrylic paints onto the Plate and press the foam stamp into the plate.  Pull the print using mixed media paper. Repeat using only red paint.

DSCN7570 DSCN7571

Next, brayer red and brown paint onto the solid side of the foam stamp and stamp it onto the Press.

DSCN7573 DSCN7574

Pull a print and I have a mirror image of the stamp. Now I can use the other side of the foam stamp that has details of the bird to stamp over this print using brown paint.

DSCN7678 DSCN7681

For the last bird, brayer blue paint onto the Plate and press the rubber bird stamp into the plate.  Pull the print and I’ve got another mirror image.

DSCN7686 DSCN7688

Apply dark blue acrylic paint to the Plate and press the stamp into it to “ink” up the stamp.  Then use it to stamp the print from the previous step.  Pull the print and I have another mirror image.

DSCN7700 DSCN7702

I made more birds than I needed for this project but that is how it goes when I take out my Gel Press™!  Fussy cut them out and embellish.  I used white and black paint pens to make the eyes more prominent.

Now for the backgrounds.  I used deli paper for the following prints.

DSCN7703 DSCN7704

Apply a few drops of brown and red paint to the Press, brayer and pull a print. Stamp the print with a wood grain stamp and darker brown paint.

DSCN7705 DSCN7710

Apply light gray and blue paint to the plate and lay down the tree masks that come in the bird stamp kit. Print the wood grain deli paper from the previous step.  The wood grain shows through where the masks were placed.  Since this is the winter background, splatter white paint over the print with a fan brush.

DSCN7706 DSCN7707

Use the same process as above using green and yellow as the first layer. Use light blue paint and lay small leaf die-cuts on top for the second layer.  This is my spring background.

Auditioning Birds and Backgrounds

For the fall background, use the same two-step process and the summer background is a ghost print using a flower stencil mask. I auditioned the different birds with the four backgrounds until I found the combination I liked best.

Canvas Backgrounds

The deli paper made it easy to mount onto the canvases using matte medium. Paint the sides of each canvas and glue the birds on using heavy gel medium.  Paint a coat of varnish onto each one to seal everything in place.

Winter Bird1
Winter Bird
Spring Bird
Spring Bird
Summer Bird
Summer Bird
Fall Bird
Fall Bird

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  1. So cute and totally doable. This is inspiring me to get the junk out of my craft room so I can actually create again!

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