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Asian Inspired Artist Trading Cards with Gel Press®

ASIAN INSPIRED ARTIST TRADING CARDS WITH GEL PRESS® Gel Press® prints are perfect bold backgrounds for a number of creative projects including mixed-media canvases, scrapbook layouts, cards, ATC’s and more.  But when you want just a hint of pattern, sometimes a very simple ghost print is the perfect solution. Materials:  8 x 10″ Gel Press® Plate DecoArt® Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish Paint – Romance, Rouge, Rustic DecoArt® Americana® Multi-Surface Satin™ Acrylic…

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Illustrated Faith and Gel Press...a match made in heaven!

Creative Faith with Gel Press®

Good Morning Creatives!! Today I am very excited to share with you a project that is near and dear to my heart. Probably a year ago, I bought the black cross memory tray from Hobby Lobby (mainly because it was on clearance for like $4 and hello! What creative doesn’t add to their stash with that good of a deal?!) It’s been sitting in my studio since then, gathering dust…

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Art-journaling with Gel Press ®

Hi everyone! It’s Elena here and today  I want to share some ideas for creating an Art-journal layout with Gel Press® Plate. 5″ x 7″ Gel Press® Round 8″ Gel Press® Supplies 5″ x 7″ Gel Press® Plate 8″ Round Gel Press® Plate DecoArt Acrylic paint White Gesso Brayer Embellishments as you like Tutorial First add small drops of acrylic paints randomly on the Gel Press plate. Brayer the paint and use as a stamp on…

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Printing on Bleeding Art Tissue With Gel Press®

Kathy Adams here today to share with you what happened when I gel printed on bleeding art tissue.  I bought a package with 10 bright colors a while back and didn’t use it for months.  I love to print on deli paper and regular tissue because it works so well with collage. So I wanted to try printing on this colored tissue that bleeds when it comes in contact with…

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Gel Press featured image

Mini Art Journal Cover with Gel Press®

I found some small, blank, journals at a big box store in the $1.00 bin.  I knew that I could do something with them some day…’s that day!!   The journals are 5″ X 7″, so they were perfect for the 5″ X 7″ Gel Press® Plate.       Supplies 5″ X 7″ Gel Press Plate White copy paper Americana Craft Paint – Citron Green, Festive Green, Calypso Blue, Chiffon…

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Ocean Inspired Mosaic Frame with Gel Press ®

Hello Creative Peeps! Have you always wanted to make a tile mosaic but were so overwhelmed with the process, the time, and the blood, sweat and tears?  Or maybe that’s just me. I LOVE making mosaics, but can’t afford the bandaids needed when working with glass tiles! Today, I’m going to show you how to make a gorgeous mosaic made from a Gel Press ® print, glue and glass effects!…

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Gift Bag with Tag.

Gel Pressed Gift Bags with Gel Press®

Gift Bag making made easy with the Gel Press®.  Need a gift bag for that little something you want to give that special person?  Use some prints made with your Gel Press®, some punches or scissors and score some fold lines.  Create bags in any size and style, in no time. Supplies: Sheet of cardstock paper Acrylic paints in two or more colors Stencil Brayer Gel Press® reusable gel printing…

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Fall is Coming art journal page with Gel Press®

Hi everyone, I thought that for today I would share how I make one print with different colors using masking and using my Gel Press® plate as a stamp directly into my journal.  I created a landscape scene all within a one-time print, this way it takes out the guessing and trying to line everything up to create layers of color. It’s just a matter of adding layers and waiting…

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Domino Detail

Domino Elements with Gel Press®

Domino pieces are perfect for printing with the Gel Press®!!  Create wonderful backgrounds then choose how to finish – stamps, pens, whatever you want!! Supplies: 3×5  Gel Press® or one that fits domino(s) Paint Brayer Stencil or butterfly or mask Stamps, permanent ink Gel Pens – permanent ink pens, or Alcohol markers Choose the size Gel Press® Plate that fits your project  First thing to create is the butterfly background….

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Here is the background so far! :)

Is it too early for Halloween with Gel Press®

  Hello Creatives! Today as I was sitting in my studio I grabbed some colors from my DecoArt stash with no idea in mind, but once I had them next to each other my mind went…HALLOWEEN!! I LOVE the addition of bright purple and apple green into the halloween color scheme. To Make MY SPOOKY Plaque you will need: 8×10 Gel Press® Gel Plate Acrylic Paint Brayer Stencils Wooden Plaque Wooden…

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